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Founded in June 2018, Angstrong Tech is committed to becoming a world-leading 3D sensing/intelligent hardware company, providing first-class 3D sensing solutions for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, security, surveillance, financial service industry, AR/VR, etc. The campany is headquartered in  Shenzhen, and has set up branch offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, and the United States.

As a leading 3D Sensing Company, Angstrong Tech's all key components are designed in-house with laser protection circuit embeded to ensure human eye safety. Angstrong Tech has developed industry leading production equipment, with automation and mass production capacity.

Since founded, Angstrong Tech has raised several hundred millions Yuans from prominent funds including Fuson Capital, Leaguer Capital, SK Capital, Chinaredstar Capital, Alchemy Fund, Fuzhuo Capital, Hongtai Fund, Huagai Capital, New Alliance Capital, etc.

Development Path


Company Founded, Committed to Becoming a World-leading 3D Sensing/Intelligent Hardware Company 


Angel Round Financing: Raised Tens of Millions of RMB from Leaguer Capital, etc.


Released 3D Structured Light Module MOGO


A Round Financing: Raised over 100 Millions of RMB from Leaguer Capital, SK Capital, Chinaredstar Capital, etc.


Developed Industry Leading Production Equipment, with Automation and Mass Production Capacity

Released 3D Face Recognition Solution and  3D Volume Measurement Solution


3D Structured Light Module and 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Certified by BCTC 


Released Mass-Producible Consumer DToF 3D Lidar,the First Product of this kind Developed by a Domestic Company


A+ Round Financing: Raised over 100 Millions of RMB from Fosun Capital, New Alliance Capital, Hongtai Capital,  etc.

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Shenzhen Angstrong Technology Co., Ltd

Headquarter Address:Room 109, 1st Floor, Research Building, Tshinghua Hi-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Nanjing Address: Room 601, Building 5, Chuqiaocheng, Software Valley, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing

Shanghai Address: 3rd Floor, Yu'an Building, No. 738, Dongfang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

USA address: 974 e riversong dr.eagle, ID 85616

Service Tel.: 0755-86568667;